fictional retrospective writing

"The Attentive Teapot hype did last longer than expected in the end. Surely, the fact that one would integrate the means of communication in an every day ritual, picking up his friend in the morning, pouring water in it, placing it in between jam and butter to sit down and having a chat with it (or to stay silent if preferred), was quite a dramatic shift towards re-contextualized interaction.


And the fact that the person on the other side would merely catch a glimpse of ones shoulders, belly and breadcrumbs was a relief concerning the make-up issue described by Wallace. But the initially exciting shift in perception of this artefact would wear off eventually. Similar to the case of Lauren McCarthy’s attempt to become a real-human digital assistant ( see article #2, FROM VIDEO HOME TO UBIQUITY ZONE), users first treated the teapot with the cautiousness one would grant another human, but slowly this awareness began to fade and the teapot became one of many mundane things."



© 2018 Jonas Althaus